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"Freedom & Honor"

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Marcher Freemen

Gallery from previous events

These images are copyright to Marcher Freemen 2005-2013..  

They may be used freely for educational purposes, but written permission must be sought before they are 

used in any publication (inc. web pages),  other document or advertising of any kind. Thankyou.

Tablet weaving.

Tablet Weaving

Bodging and green wood working

Bodging & working green wood

Filming of Owain Glyndwr

On the film set of "Owain Glyndwr"

Fighting Archer.

Fighting Archer

Caernarfon Castle.

Weaving frame at Caernarfon Castle

Cassie & Hector!

Cassie & Hector

During filming of Owain Glyndwr.

Film Set at Gwydyr Castle

Display of different arrow point types.

Arrow Display at Ruthin Castle

Rufford encampment.

Our camp at Rufford Abbey

Upright Tablet Weaving Loom.

Tablet Weaving Frame

Cosmeston Medieval Village.

Cosmeston Medieval Village


Medical Display

Medieval Surgery

Travelling Icon Painter

Authentic Icon painting & gold leaf work

Skipton Castle Chapel.

Tablet Weaving at Skipton Castle

Wars of the Roses Billman

Lancaster !

Norman Kite Shield

Norman Shield ~ Hastings

 A display of herbs and preparations used in medicines and cooking

A display by our Herbalist

at Chirk Castle

15 Cent Knight with Squire

15 Cent. Knight & Squire





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